Gryphon Scout Troop

The boys have worked for the Navigators badge and Local Knowledge. They had to plan a route for a hike and then go on the hike.

Tom and Tom enjoyed a week on a canal boat organised by Dave and Steve.

They have had a sewing evening, they all enjoyed that. Four boys entered the District Chess Competition they came 6th

Some of them have done a Geocaching weekend in the HQ with Challenger Troop. They have learnt tent pitching and fire lighting and cooking outdoors at the canal.

Six boys are going to strategy and camp at Horley with Challenger. Thanks to Steve for his help with this.

Several boys enjoyed a Kayaking session at Spinnaker lake, and some evening sessions are now being organised. Cycle Speedway is on the programme for June, joining with Challenger Troop.

Thank you to Martin, Linda, Tiff and Paul who all help on a regular basis. Without this help the Troop would be have great difficulties.