Pathfinder Cub Pack – Review of 2018/19

In July we held our Summer camp at Youlbury, we invited the newly formed Brinkworth Cubs to join us and had a great camp with lots of good weather.  In March we had a sleepover for the older Cubs in the pack.  On the Friday evening we took advantage of the offer of Matt and had a climbing session at Rockstar.  The following morning after enjoying a great breakfast cooked by the cubs, we had an air rifle shooting session.  In April we had a weekend in London for an overnight stay at The Natural History Museum, a great experience for the Leaders and Cubs, but not much sleep!

In January we took part in the District Scrap Heap Challenge, where our team made a very good spaceship, but not good enough to be judged the winner.  We also took part in the District Chess competition but were only able to enter 1 and a half teams as the competition clashed with our sleepover.  The young Cubs who took part did very well and we can have high expectations for next year.  We had a practice for the swimming gala and several cubs earned their swimming badges.  Unfortunately, the District swimming gala was then cancelled due to problems with booking the venue.

We celebrated the 100-year anniversary of the RAF by inviting Harry’s Dad – Will to come and talk to the cubs about his experiences as an RAF pilot.  We followed this up with a visit to Middle Wallop which included a sleepover amongst the exhibits.

Our Christmas visit to Bassett House to sing some Christmas songs to the residents was a rewarding evening.  A very big thank you to the Cubs who played musical instruments for the residents to enjoy – we have some talented musicians in the pack.

We had 18 Cubs take part in JOTT this year, including some very young Cubs, so a big well done to them, 8-year olds walking 11 miles is quite an achievement.  Many thanks to Steve and Olly for arranging this event.  All the Cubs who took part should be proud of what they did and wear their badge with pride.

Due to the drive and hard work of mainly Louise and James we have had some great success in the carnival again this year.  For the second year running we won Best in Class, ARC Trophy for Children’s effort and participation, plus we were Overall Carnival Winners. Our Mum and Grandma help with putting the outfits together was a great help – thank to all who helped.

Some of the badges we have worked on this year are Swimmers, Air Activities, Athletes, Hobbies, Sportsman, Disability Awareness and Home Safety.

We had a very interesting visit at the end of May by Howie’s Dad Nick.  He brought 4 members from his Taekwondo school and put on a very entertaining session for the cubs.  I don’t think I have ever seen such enthusiasm from the whole pack as Nick got them to try some of the moves.

Some of the badges we have worked on this year are Swimmers, Air Activities, Athletes, Hobbies, Sportsman, Disability Awareness and Home Safety.

As always, I must thank our pack Leaders who give so much time to help with the smooth running of the pack and also the parents who have stepped forward to help when we have needed an extra pair of hands, we really appreciate the time you give.