Explorer Cub Pack – Review of 2018/19

What a great year it has been for Explorer Cubs, we are now two years in and have established a superb pack. I am pleased to say, that despite numerous failed attempts, we have now recruited enough superb Leaders, enabling our pack to run to a great standard, which continues to grow and develop term after term.

Whether we are busy in the HQ or out and about, we have completed various tasks working towards our badges including our ‘Backwards cooking’, ‘Disability Awareness’ ‘Reading’, ‘Chef’ and look forward to completing our ‘Navigator’ and ‘On the water’ Badges in the upcoming weeks. We have enjoyed visits to Gable Cross Police Station, our local Fire station and Library. We had an amazing time on our annual Summer Camp with the Apache Cubs at Phasels Wood, exploring climbing walls, crate climbing, archery, orienteering and visiting the spectacular ‘Hazard Alley’ where the Cubs were able to use wired public phones, to contact emergency services to report incidents (the Leaders had a great time watching the unsuspecting Cubs try to remember the important details 🙂 🙂 )!

We enjoyed participating at our Remembrance Day Service in November 2018 and St Georges Day service in April 2019. Our Toy Story Themed Carnival entry was great fun and we have already started thinking of some great costumes for next year!

We enjoyed an outing to our local Laser Quest – poor Akela seemed to be on everyone’s hit-list J and we had a great time swimming at our local leisure centre.

A HUGE thank you to Royal Wootton Bassett Rugby Club and Movewell Taekwondo who gave us exceptional tasters/demonstrations. We explored new interests and hopefully, some of our Cubs have taken up new hobbies as a result of these sessions. A fab Sixers and Seconders sleep over and trip to the REME Museum was enjoyed as a special treat with the Apache Cub Pack and we have made some exceptional crafts and experiments over this past year.

I would like to personally thank Pat for everything you have done for me as a leader and for our pack, over the last two years. Being new and inexperienced to Scouting was a daunting time for me. You have shared knowledge and offered guidance and extended offers to join you on Summer Camp and overnight sleepovers – all of which would have been impossible for us without the relevant permits and training, and I am sincerely grateful. We will miss you so very much but wish you all the best in your new adventure.

To Eileen, who sweet talked us into opening the ‘Explorer Cubs’. Thank you for always being there, for nagging me when things needed handing in and being so patient when I took a few days to respond to emails 🙂 . What a hole you will leave when you retire as GSL, I’m glad you have decided to stay with us and look forward to completing my training with you over the coming months.

Finally, and most importantly I would like to offer my thanks to our amazing team, Lorraine, Emma, Tina, Aly, Paul, Liam and Adam. I am so very grateful for your ongoing help every week. Most of you having little (or no) experience of being involved in Scouting and yet you came forward when few did and continue help maintain a great pack. To Hayley, who in conversation ‘accidently’ mentioned her experience of Scouting 🙂 , your involvement, support, enthusiasm, advice and knowledge is invaluable. Thank you for helping me become the leader I aspire to be!