Explorer Cub Pack – Review of 2017/18

Happy Birthday to us!! Explorer Cubs are officially one-year-old and what
a year it’s been.

We have had lots of fun getting to know each other, making friends and
learning all about what it means to be a Cub. Most importantly, we had a
large group of children with whom started with us back in May 2017 with
very little confidence and over the past months they have continued to
impress our leaders with their determination and newly found
‘willingness to have a go’ attitude, earning themselves our monthly ‘Cub
of the Month’ woggle and some even becoming our sixers and seconders.

Whether we are busy in the HQ or out and about we have completed
various tasks working towards our badges including our ‘Science Badge’,
‘Entertainers Badge’ ‘Astronomy Badge’, ‘Athletics Badge’ ‘Artist Badge’
and ‘Animal Carers Badge’. We enjoyed having a trained First Aider visit
and teach us our ‘need to know’ emergency skills, we had a wonderful
afternoon painting on canvas at Lydiard Park, behaved wonderfully at the
Sikh Temple and even managed to squeeze in our first overnight weekend
camp at PGL with the Kingfisher Beavers. We had an amazing time,
exploring climbing walls, crate climbing, archery, orienteering and taking
part in Robot Wars! Despite waking up to an odd noise and finding a
room of Cubs fully dressed in uniform with neckers at 2.30am (apparently
they thought it was morning) the whole weekend was a great success.

We enjoyed participating at our Remembrance Day Service in November
2017 and St Georges Day service in the Catholic Church on the 23rd
of April 2018.

We enjoyed an outing to the Cinema to see ‘A Wrinkle in time’, (I’m sure
most just went for the popcorn) and recently participated in the RWB
Carnival earning a ‘highly commended award’ with our own take on the
Royal Wedding.

We had a fantastic Harry Potter Themed evening, making our own wands
from chopsticks and hot glue! Have had wonderful evenings outside with
the BBQs making smores and were even lucky enough to have Steve and Chris pop down to show us how to make bacon sandwiches with the
ovens. Also, a HUGE thank you to Christopher who has offered
some of his spare Monday evenings to teach us some exciting new games
and superbly demonstrated various knots for us to copy.

Finally, I would like to offer my thanks to our wonderful team who came
forward when 1st Wootton Bassett Scouts found themselves short of
leaders for a new Cub Pack. Lorraine, Emma and Tina, I am so very
grateful for your ongoing help every week. Most of you having little (or
no) experience of being involved in Scouting and yet you came forward
when few did and continue help maintain a great pack. Thank you.