Kingfisher Beaver Colony – Review of 2016/17

We have had a very busy year working for several badges.

We had a visit to the new tennis club and had a lesson.

We held our sleepover in June most of the Beavers slept out in a big tent we celebrated 30 years of Beavers and finished off with a cake made by a parent.

We had a cake stall on the High Street and made £170 for the RNIB and partially sighted people. That was a great day and the Beavers were very well behaved.

We joined the District outing to Bristol Zoo in July.

Sept Wootton Bassett hosted the District Beaver Fun Day.

The District Beaver Hike took place in October.

Most of the colony along with leaders enjoyed the pantomime organised by the District again thank you for an enjoyable evening.

They have just completed the JOTT walk and yet again a very wet Carnival.

Several badges have been completed, Experiment, sleepover, hikes, explorer, hobbies, sportsman, swimming, and communicators have all been completed and we are still working for the gardeners and photographers badges. We are also trying to complete several challenge badges.

All this is achieved with a good leadership team so thanks to

Mang – Eileen

Hedgehog – Aly

Wolf – Dean

Squirrel – Emma

Rat – Matthew, our young leader

Thanks also to Chris who is a Scout Leader but helps us every week and Hayley who is our new cub leader

Without this help we would not be able to achieve many of the things that we do, and thank you to all parents that support us.