Kingfisher Beaver Colony – Review of 2017/18

We keep busy with outings and badge work during the year. Also, we managed to fit a sleepover in as well. Last October we went to PGL for a weekend and we invited Explorer Cubs to join us as Hayley does not have a camp permit yet.

They had a great weekend and did a lot of adventurous activities, the food was excellent as well 3 cooked meals a day and a Sunday roast before we came home, and no washing up to do it was a holiday for Leaders.

We had our usual noisy trip to the pantomime at Gorse Hill community centre where we all enjoyed a very noisy evening. We had our own St Georges Day service in the Catholic Church on the 23rd of April where Hedgehog was presented with her wood beads. Leaders work hard completing training, this is all extra to weekly section meetings. We went 10 pin bowling in Swindon for a fun evening. We have done the JOTT walk and earned a hikes badge. We have also taken part in the carnival and was given a highly commended.

They have earned several badges and challenge awards. The best badge was the photographers, we gave each lodge a disposable camera and went walking on the high street, to take pictures of local places of interest, we certainly got some interesting photos.

We worked on the space badge where they all got to try on a space suit. Healthy eating, and they made fruit and vegetable figures that were fun to make and eat. Now they are working on the cyclist badge.

We had a visit from some very special visitors, snakes and lizards came for a visit and everyone loved it be the end of the session they all had had a go at touching/holding a snake and lizard. We had to do that when Hedgehog was away as she doesn’t like them at all. Another good evening was when we had a man come and do some drumming with the Beavers he was very good and they all had a go with the drums and the other two instruments very noisy but good fun.

Congratulations to Ben, Tom, Elliot, and Zach on achieving your chief scouts bronze award this year.