Kingfisher Beaver Colony

Navigators Badge – Using the sunset to learn compass points. Bincknoll Castle

I’ve just looked back at the programmes and photos for the year and I am quite exhausted, what a busy an active year we had! So many fond memories, with lots and lots of fun. We did so much I can only cover some of them in the write up.

Beaver Sleep Over where we the Beavers did traditional Scouting activities including cooking on fires, knots, first aid, singing at a campfire and even the washing up!

JOTT, one of my favourite annual events, where we have the opportunity for the Beavers and their families to walk with the rest of the Scout Group followed by a picnic. Savernake Forest 2019’s venue and the Beavers armed with their maps were able to point out when the Scout Leaders had gone the wrong way and tried to cover it up, there’s no fooling Kingfishers!!

Carnival, we built Bassett! How stunning this was and the kid’s involvement and energy was evident. With the help of Apache cubs, we pulled off Ghostbusters in style.


Funday, a fabulous way to celebrate the retirement of Mang after 47 years as a Scouter and her position as Group Scout Leader and Section Leader for Kingfisher. Our Beavers tried everything and many, many activities completed. Again, their determination shining through. One even came out smiling after an unplanned capsize whilst kayaking. Kids you never cease to amaze me! Thank you Mang for so many years of devotion and for still being there with your wisdom and support.

Lotmead – what an experience Farmer John gave us and a way to finish the gardeners badge. Lots of strawberries, asparagus straight from ground and of course play in the adventure park.

PGL – wet, wet, wet, but fab, fab, fab. Two nights away which is a big thing for such young children. Loads of adventure and activities completed. Some activities were quite daunting but again the kids hit them head on and with enthusiasm and as the youngest group at PGL we showed the other groups how to do it. Robots, bedtime stories, arial runways, archery, buggy building and races, night-time adventures in the woods, assault courses and team building games.

The usual St Georges day and Remembrance Day, where I am always so proud of the Beavers and how well they behaved they are. Especially at Remembrance when an air cadet fainted on top of four of our Beavers. You stood up and carried on.

Badges covered in the programme included

Global Issues, Safety, Gardeners, Navigator and Lots and lots of Challenge badge work. We awarded a Bronze Chief Scout Award to Rhys who has amazed us throughout his time in Beavers with his willingness, determination, enthusiasm, and quirkiness.