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AGM Report for 2014/15

Into our forth year the Troop continues to grow. The summer saw us Kayaking and rafting (thanks to Chris, Clive Dave and Steve for their expertise and patience), and the realisation in some that the knots taught earlier in the year can be useful if tied firmly. We even managed to have a race around the island. Water and food seem to be a theme as we also completed an outdoor cooking challenge by the canal. June saw our District Commissioner present Steve with his Wood Badge after finally completing his training.


Winter term saw some new starters coming up from Cubs (a lot of new starters) and district camp at Roves Farm where 7 of the Troop camped alongside Challenger Troop and around 100 other scouts from the district completing a series of bases over the weekend, a great weekend especially as the weather was unseasonably mild and no rain! November saw the Troop turnout in force for Remembrance Sunday with 19 Scouts being present. It also saw the investiture of a record number into the Troop, 11 Scouts and 2 Leaders (Hannah and Ged) being making the promise to formally join the Troop. This took the Troop to an all time high of 24 before a few left but the Troop still stands at 21 at the time of writing.

After Christmas the Scouts came back full of chocolate and good cheer and started looking at global health issues (mainly the Ebola outbreak) before moving onto survival skills  and navigation in preparation for future events.

2015GryphonSignMany of the Troop have taken part in St Georges Day service, including some dodgy acting, as well as hikes. One of the Troop completed the Pre and Sarsen trail hikes, (26 miles from Avebury to Stonehenge) no small feat especially as it rained solidly for the first few hours.

The following week a number of the Troop completed the JOTT, another walk this time at the Cotswold Water Park. Recently we have been using our navigation skills at Lydiard Park trying out the orienteering courses there and we will be going back to the lakes to try out Rafting and Kayaking, a new challenge for our new intake of young Scouts.

Steve SL.