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Cubs LogoApache Cubs meet between 6:30 and 8pm on most Wednesday’s.

The Cub badge positions can be viewed here.

AGM Report for 2014/15

In May we took part in Wootton Bassett Carnival along with Kingfisher Beavers, the theme was “The Pied Piper”.  It was another good Carnival with everyone who took part enjoying the day.

During May and June we worked on the Naturalist Badge including doing some hedgerow surveys and bark rubbing.  The Cubs also made little rafts out of twigs, leaves and twine – some floated quite well on the canal, others were not quite so successful.  In June Dad’s, Granddad’s, and Brothers were invited to come and help the Cubs make a kite, we then flew them later in the term. We also did the athletics and cyclist badges during the term.

The last night of term we went to Lydiard for a BBQ, a lot of parents turned up as well.  The kites were flown, well some of them were, others didn’t do very well.  There was also a game of rounder’s – parent’s v Cubs, I think the Cubs won but the parents might otherwise disagree. Anyway everyone enjoyed the evening.

Apache Summer Camp was at the beginning of August, at Phasels Wood Scout Activity Centre.  We had relatively good weather for the 4 days and everyone enjoyed themselves. The activities were varied including rifle, climbing, abseiling, obstacle course and low ropes. There was also a day out to an animal sanctuary where the Cubs got close to many creatures from a snail to a snake to a lizard – they also fed hens, goats and sheep racing.

After the summer break we came back in September to work on the Community Badge, carrying out various activities.  There was a visit to the Sikh Temple in Gorse Hill, Swindon, which the Cubs all enjoyed.  We had a quiz around Bassett High Street.  We also had a couple of other visits out – one to Wootton Bassett Museum and the other to Sainsbury’s.  Both were enjoyed by everyone, especially Sainsbury’s where the Cubs got to see the secret parts of the shop but were also given biscuits.

We finished the term with the Apache Cub Pack production of Cinderella for the parents, we also had some “12 days of summer camp” and some singing which the parents took part in.

We came back in January and February of 2015 to work on the creative badge, incorporating the science badge as well.  Volcanoes were made out of the paper mache and then exploded with vinegar, we also had exploding coke in the garden, and grass heads were made as well as taking part in some compass work.

During March the Pack took part in the District Swimming Gala as well as working on the swimming badge.  The Gala produced some very good results for Wootton Bassett Cubs this year.

There was a Sixer/Seconder Sleepover at the Scout Hut before the Easter holidays.  There was a short incident hike around Bassett (4 bases), with Dave Robbins and a couple of his Explorers running the bases.  On Saturday after cooking their own breakfast there was a walk down to the Canal followed by an Easter egg hunt back at the Hut. Everyone really enjoyed the Sleepover.

The Pack night before the Easter holidays was bowling which everyone enjoyed.

We have only had a couple of nights back after the Easter holidays and are preparing for Carnival.

I would like to say a big thank you to all Apache Cub Pack Leaders for their help this last year and to all parents for their support.

Pat (Akela) CSL.