Heron Beaver Colony – Review of 2017/18

Well this year we celebrate 30 years of Beavers in 1st Wootton Bassett.

We have seen many changes in all aspects of scouting, but the one change we haven’t seen is the fun we have every year. We have been so lucky in all the boys we have had over the years- they have made us very proud of the things they have done, what they have achieved. They have given us all much pleasure too!

We have enjoyed seeing the different styles of Ten Pin Bowling, watching their faces and excitement at the Pantomime, seeing some of them overcome the fear of going down the water shoot, at Hoburne where we go swimming, taking part in the Carnival, and take part in the Sleepover, when some of them have never slept away from home before. The boys also give much pleasure to the Residents of the Mulberrys when the boys plant their flower pots in June and entertaining them at Christmas.

We won the Ark Shield in the Carnival- this was well deserved as the boys worked very hard making the Pyramid etc as we were Egyptians! We also got very, very wet, but still they enjoyed it and we had no moans.

Apart from the fun they have given us, they have worked extremely hard and gained many badges, costing me a fortune I’m pleased to say, and 12 boys gain their Bronze award.

We lost our Water-rat, Sean and we thank him for the fun he brought us.

Without the help of my great Leaders, and on occasions Parents, we would not be able to do things we do- so from the boys and myself thank you all so much.