Heron Beaver Colony – Review of 2019/20

We have had another enjoyable year in Heron Colony – lots of fun and enjoyment throughout the year.

Our entry for the RWB Carnival 2019 was the Pied Piper of Hamelin – our ex-Beaver Rory made an excellent Pied Piper. We have been fortunate to have two Duke of Edinburgh youngsters (Rory and Caitlin) and they have been a great addition to our team. They completed their six-month period, and we are delighted that they have decided to remain as helpers each week.

We enjoyed taking part in the Group Fun Day at Spinnaker Lake – very memorable for the leaders as our tent took off and landed further away in the field!! The varied activities were very much enjoyed by us all.

Our summer activities have included our annual visit to The Mulberrys to plant their pots – it is lovely that many of the residents come out to talk to the boys and provide refreshments for them. We enjoyed our visit to our first Otter (Dee) to learn about the Country Code, play wide games and have a barbecue.

Rory and Squirrel (David) led our first experience of geocaching along the canal and it gave the boys a possible new interest. We ended our summer programme with our annual family barbecue – Fox enjoys watching the competitive families during the races and games.

Our autumn programme started with our annual visit to Chiltern Farm where the boys experienced climbing on nets and ropes – we always finish the evening with a traditional campfire. Squirrel organised a Taekwondo evening which gave the boys an opportunity to try out a new skill. We planned several hikes but unfortunately, we had to cancel them all due to bad weather.

Our annual Sleepover was very successful – 23 boys stayed overnight and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Our theme was The Jungle Book, and we went on a torch walk to the Vicarage where Badger and Fox had hidden reflective pictures. The boys were very excited finding them with their torches. We made a Christmas box and a card for all the residents at The Mulberrys, – they were given to them by the boys during their Christmas entertainment.

Our Spring programme started with our annual visit to the ten-pin bowling alley. Some of our colony joined other beavers from the district to watch the Pantomime at Gorse Hill Community Centre. We enjoyed our swimming session at Hoburne, Ashton Keynes and another activity was making a grassman – it was fun to watch the hair grow. Our last meeting in March celebrated the work by the boys for their Creative and Animal Friend badges.

We are very proud that 15 of our beavers achieved their Bronze Award this year.

Thank you to my dedicated team (Fox – Alison, Squirrel – David, Toad – Ruth, Otter – Mark and our two youngsters Hedgehog – (Rory), Fieldmouse (Caitlin).